The easiest and most efficient way to obtain information about your customers

SkinBD seamlessly integrates Big Data with current data base and CRM systems, providing stronger connections to your prospects and customers. Using ODBC, SkinBD allows quick and cost effective access to over 400 customizable data sources.

Knowing your customer is very important to develop effective marketing strategies, billing procedures, and product development. SkinBD provides full data base enrichment, filling in any gaps or missing information, allowing organizations to better understand and communicate with their customers.

Business Profitability

SkinBD aids in the proper identification of your target audience by maximizing prospecting efforts and new customer acquisitions, while increasing business portfolios, and company revenue.


Complete Data Base enrichment supports expedited business decision-making, to provide assertiveness with marketing efforts and overall productivity.

Try SkinBD now for free and gain immediate access to over 400 sources of information. See first-hand how you can add efficiency and agility to your company’s processes.

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