What is SkinBD?

Access public and private data sources through ODBC

SkinBD utilizes the Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) concept with respect to Big Data, giving organizations access to multiple external data sources. By querying these sources, the data is made readily available to the organizations utilizing the solution.

Organizations can enrich their database with SkinBD by looking at more than 400 sources of information fast and with ease, also:

  • Decrease the cost of infrastructure
  • Accelerate the decision making process
  • Allow independence from suppliers
  • Store the information on the organizations database
  • Utilize rules and parameters of the existing process management systems


  • Turnkey rapid deployment
  • No implementation cost
  • No monthly fees
  • Hundreds of readily available information sources
  • Request additional sources of information online
  • Transactional cost reduction
  • In house consultation and testing without supplier intervention
  • Unlimited users
  • Full integration capabilities


  • Data enrichment
  • Increase efficiency in data analysis
  • Loss mitigation and productivity gain
  • Agility in prospecting for new customers
  • Practical validation and updating of records
  • Accurate identification of customers and prospects
  • Increased contact effectiveness
  • Pay-per-use model

Obtaining information has never been so simple, fast, and cost effective. Try it for free and experience SkinBD’s efficiency first hand.

Try SkinBD now for free and gain immediate access to over 400 sources of information. See first-hand how you can add efficiency and agility to your company’s processes.

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