1. How to register?

    Fill in the registration form with your information: name, e-mail, and telephone number. Then you will receive a confirmation e-mail with instructions for initial access. Everything is simple with SkinBD! Click here to start.

  2. How to create an additional user?

    It's simple, access the registry menu, click users, add user, and fill in the requested information. Done!

  3. How does the trial period work?

    You have a 30 day free trial period to test SkinBD. The implementation will be simple and quick. Just place the order and get started!

  4. What infrastructure is required to access SkinBD?

    With a standard ODBC Database, no additional infrastructure is required. SkinBD is very simple to use. Gain time and quality in data analysis for your business!

  5. What is the cost of implementation?

    There is no cost for implementation, or the need to hire an expert to integrate SkinBD to your existing Database. As a standard ODBC solution, SkinBD offers complete flexibility!

  6. Is special software needed to access SkinBD?

    No, SkinBD is a cloud based solution and does not require traditional software or licenses.

  7. What are the main sources of data?

    SkinBD has the most complete Database of sources. More than 400 public and private sources are available, and adding additional data sources is a breeze!

  8. What happens if the data provider's site is down at the time of the SkinBD transaction?

    Being a third-party service if the data source is unavailable, there will be no return of the transaction request.

  9. What payment plans are offered?

    You can establish a prepaid account, or choose to be billed monthly.

  10. How do I track my transactions?

    SkinBD gives you full control over your transaction history, with quick and easy access to the online portal, using your username and password.

  11. Does SkinBD sell information?

    SkinBD is not a data provider and will never sell any type of data. SkinBD makes the connection between your system/database to various external data sources to retrieve information, but will not redistribute any of the information.

  12. Is access to private information included in the price specified for SkinBD?

    SkinBD can search through private sites to retrieve data to auto-fill forms and update your database. SkinBD allows organizations to query more than 400 sources of public and private data for the prices listed.

  13. What does the payment to SkinBD entitle me to?

    Payment entitles you to an automated connection between your internal database and any external data source. SkinBD is not a data provider and will never sell any type of data.

  14. How do I gain access to private data sources?

    If you have an account with the private data source, SkinBD will access the source and retrieve the desired information, updating your database. To obtain an account, contact the desired data provider directly.

  15. What kind of contract am I signing with SkinBD?

    SkinBD’s contract provides a Software licensing and the use of Intellectual Property.

Try SkinBD now for free and gain immediate access to over 400 sources of information. See first-hand how you can add efficiency and agility to your company’s processes.

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